I am too afflicted of inhumanity
and left abandoned in this unknown desert,
come hither and do little love me.

I am like a broken boat
in this troubling ocean,
come hither and fix me.

Without deep agitation
from this abandoned love,
do i own nothing more,
come hither with your
warm embracement
do for a while heal me.

My beloved,
Without your love in my ardent chest
no other love has ever existed before
so come hither again to your love –
and with your warm touch feel me!

By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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Do I deserve to be free?

So exhausted and dismayed am I, Beseaching before the might hands,

With broken heart, wilted face, frozen tears, and chained legs.

To grand me my striven freedom, My sole rights and entire being.

I would like to be free, Free like the unrestricted birds, Free like the soothing ocean, And free like the north zephyr.

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============================ The feeling of loneliness

breached me,

as being besieged

by nostalgia this day.

I am assailed by whims

to fly back into my mother’s serene arms,

I hide the wounds in my heart

as I remain wingless!

All the struggle I make

ends in tears,

my wings are burnt,

my feet are chained

and my freedom is abandoned.

As if a thorn is pulled out

of my chest,

brinish tears spill

from my sunken eyes

with no rest.

The blaze sorely burns

deep inside,

I put my hands

on my wounded chest,

pretending to ease,

but the flame seeks no cease! =========================== By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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In your thoughts;
the days ineffably fly in rumors,
my hands are raised towards the sky, begging you with fervent prayers!

The nights are gone with wakefulness,
and i sit on the roof in confabulation
with the ray of the firmament moon,
I ask, I beg, and I start to bewail –
of exhaustion, I often fall in swoon!

I remain silent and faint,
like a decayed carcass,
there is no word to utter
but the looming silence.
The feeling of longing blocks
the communication between
my nerves and my muscles
with a persistent violence!

The night restlessly longs
with stillness,
and of your yearning thoughts,
I feel lost, contemplating
what I wished never spoken,
the dream to hold
your hands in mine –
how hardly has it broken!
****Full Version is not shared****
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Like the blushing sun
she strolled in my sight,
I felt as if I was watching
the sun kneeling down
before this fairy,
with a sovereign delight!

In oblivious I wondered,
am I watching the brightness of the sun? as the lights were sparking
through her lining skin,
as if being so carefully placed
in the heart of heaven,
like seraph to fortify the sun
in its daily run!

I saw both the moon and the sun
were bowing before her visage
as if they were her slaves –
like them, I also with honor
begun to behave!

Her sacred luminosity is so naive,
that mighty light of the sun
and moon can hardly save!

Words fall abashed
before her beauty to praise,
thoughts remain swoon
to define her perfection;
lips fall frozen
while my eyes gaze at her hue,
and my heart wants to fly
while beholding her hazel eyes in glow!

Such a beauty is worth braving
any kind of danger;
wistfully do I dedicate this life
to crown this fairy
and endearing stranger! =====================
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Out of innocence;
his little sunken eyes
twinkled like little stars,
he is a 9-years-old afghan refugee
with many deep scars.

He escaped fear of cleansing
and persistent war,
and sought refuge in here
by sailing many life-taking far,
yet not sure to be able to give
the life another try!

Peaceful streets are
his protecting shelters,
wearing torn rags
collecting from garbage-bins
and sleeping on a piece of mat
with no protectors!

When the weather turns cold
with heavy rain,
he shivers out of coldness
by folding his little arms
around his skeleton body
to remain dry and a bit warm!

He eats well;
by collecting from garbage-bins,
and people are kind,
sometimes also give him
their remaining and wasted foods
when they are full!
Full version of this poem not shared!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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WTH LOVE SHALL I FEED YOU! ==========================
I dont promise to buy your dreamed land,
nor do I promise to gift you the palace to abound,
but I will give you my treasured love,
so profound!

I dont promise to buy you
a luxurious Ferrari,
nor can I afford to buy you
an expensive villa,
but I will give you
a precious portion of my life –
with me if you tarry as my wife!

I dont promise to bring down
for you the stars,
nor do I promise to present you
the galaxy from afar,
but I will give you my vision
to travel so many memorable fars!

I dont promise to bring down
for you the holy moon,
nor do I promise to take you
beyond the starry noon,
but I will always behold your visage
as my only reviving moon!

I dont promise to put the universe
before your steps,
nor do I promise to keep you
in jasmine flowers orchard,
but I will create your sacred garden
deep in my heart –
treating you like a princess
and love you like a king!
Only small portion of this poem is shared, not the complete version!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Your mien is painted deep in my chest,
I keep nourishing it like a faithful priest.

My lips always whisper only your name,
my eyes are beholding your only sublime.

My heart is bounded only to your love,
my feeling is fortified by the one above.

My hands are raised only to protect you,
my arms are opened only to placate you.

Your heart is my temple let me worship,
your eyes are my vision, I can’t forsake.

Your chest is my pacifying mansion,
in it I feel alive and smile with passion.

Your delicate voice is my best melody,
hearing it gives me peace of mentality.

Being with you is my most divine dream,
walking with you gives my life a meaning.

Everyone else has written to impress you,
but I wholeheartedly write to express you!

If I ever had the chance to impress you
I would give you my seasonless love
and warmly embrace you!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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I felt as if,
I am watching an angel
descended right from the heart of heaven
no matter if my heartbeat has fastened, but once again I felt so enlivened!

My whole body seemed squeezing
out of adoration,
when she came out face to face,
I couldn’t stop my agitation;
I felt as if,
 I am standing before a seraph –
as I witnessed her beauteous apparition.

She was trimmed in a black cloth
from top to bottom,
her enchanting eyes in kohl were shining like the pool of black diamonds
so reviving.

When I gazed at her
from a little far distance,
she looked
like the sublime beauty of a temple!
I felt as if,
i am standing before
the holy house of Kaaba.

She was peeping in wander
and I happened to fall in swoon –
when she lifted her black veil
from her visage,
It was so beautiful such as of moon;
My heart flied unto her bracing expression,
and I felt as if,
an aromatic Jasmine sprouted to bloom!

I could see nothing else around
accept her visage so divine,
the feeling of longing unto her was burning within so hard,
that I felt as if,
my heart is falling apart –
since then,
sleep from my sunken eyes
has taken a long flight!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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The first time when I saw you,
your blushing visage enlivened my eyes,
I felt like I was watching a houri in human  disguise

The first time when I saw you,
I couldn’t control my heartbeats
even from a far distance,
while watching you walking towards me,
I happened to forget me one existence!
#Abdul Samad Haidari

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