You were the one,
I once dreamed
to be with;
the one whom,
my eyes begged for,
and searched
by carrying my teardrops
in faint palms,
from town to town.

You were the only one,
who would captivate
my whole thoughts,
when I would first open
my eyes in the morning.

My heart out of joy,
would unruly dance
in the honour of
your sublime portrait;
I would smile like an idiot
with your innocent smile,
and those funny text messages,
when I would receive
in early mornings.

Now that you are gone,
smile too has frozen;
feeling of loneliness
has completely destroyed me;
only haunting tears stream down
from across my pale face;
even until the next dawn.

Your thoughts deeply haunt,
and your absence made me
too week;
I seek your smile
even in the faces of those
whom I even I don’t know;
and when I realize that
you are no longer with me;
the pain burns from within,
It rushes
like a speed bullet that
cannot be pulled out.

I live in the present
but my mind is on the past,
and sometimes I even forget
my own existence;
feeling to confused
by those innocent words,
once you would caressingly say,
“I feel too comfortable
to share with you.”

I feel completely broken,
being captivated
by so many un-existing fears;
entirely drowned in doubts;
i want to move on,
but I just can’t –
not knowing how to erase
your memories from my mind;
always busy in your thoughts,
not know how to let go.

Please help me
to find ways out
from this ruthless pain;
I want to be free;
i’m completely paralyzed,
not really knowing
how to move on
and find my stolen glee.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(20/07/2018 – 09:42 PM).

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They say,
in the graceful lines
on your mighty palms,
God has written
the fate of the sun.

In the hazel of
your dignified eyes,
God has left his own light
So that the living world
would always be in run.

They say,
in the warmth of
your glorifying heart,
God has placed
his own breath.

Arise once more my majestic
and hold on
these phraseless hands,
for this unkind time
has murdered my hopes,
beneath its arrogant feet.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(16/07/2018 – 09:32 PM).

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I’m like an old wilted tree;
standing all alone and withered,
yet firm and tall but alas,
I’m not free.

Like an old wilted tree;
while standing in the mid of
a scrubby desert;
snorting under the merciless
feet of the unkind thee.

An old wilted tree
that is burnt from the roots,
yet still scrambling to reach
the breath of an open sea.

You see,
my wings are entirely burnt
by now;
I’m burnt both from the roots
and brutally cut down
from the branches;
yet smiling back
to the flamboyant breeze of
the sizzling summer
to see the next dawn.

Like old wilted tree
that is slowly dying
of thirst and isolations;
by their silent mercy
and sometimes,
by their bitter humiliations.

I’m an old wilted tree;
who only holds counsel
with the lonely stars;
whose chopped branches
show their bleeding scars.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(11/07/2018 – 10:57 PM).

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I know,
it sounds stupid to you
but I don’t know too
why have I felt today
that I have known you.

I have felt that
I met someone before
who was just like you,
with the same smiles,
with the same face,
and someone,
with the same fairy eyes.

You seemed quite familiar,
your voice had
the same rhyme;
the rhyme
that I felt,
I have heard before.

You know,
I still try,
and I try it very hard
to remember
how come you are
so known to this
yearning heart;
the heart that has once
very dearly worshiped you.

And I’m pretty sure
that this longing heart
that has long wept
unto you doesn’t lie.

It whispers that
this is the known love,
I ever profoundly
loved before.

I think it’s you,
the one,
once I divinely loved.

Maybe someone,
I loved in another time;
someone that I loved
in a very familiar place;
where I loved,
with ultimate grace.

Maybe that’s you,
the familiar stranger,
I once loved.

someone that I loved,
in some other existence,
that I still weep unto!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(30/06/2018 – 08:31 PM).

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Let your eyes widely wander;
wander across all those
undiscovered beauties
that yet, you haven’t seen;
let go of your fears
with a loud scream
if those fearful thoughts
still bother you from within.

Scream until you feel empty
of those fears and sorrows,
scream until you no longer
feel burdened by them;
open your breached eyes
to the wave of a new dawn,
and let all the darkness
from within
be gone.

Let me pick your grief up off
and put them one-by-one
unto a sailing wind;
therein the mighty wind
shall enliven your heart
with this new born love
that you yearn
to be seen.

My dear,
let this love be flowing
like the early zephyr
with caressing delight;
I’m right here with you,
its time to adore this love;
I promise from now on,
everything will be all right!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(24/06/2018 – 08:31 PM).

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Right in these very same days;
right in those very old days;
when we were all at home –
sitting around the lap of
that old but blissful
“Dastar Khan”.

It was indeed
the most beautiful festival,
and the happiest Eid,
I have ever celebrated,
after we are parted.

Parted and far away,
away too far now;
far from our hometown;
far from our own people;
far from our those lively
and joyful streets
where we would freely run
and embrace each other
with warmest smile.

Do you know?
I have even forgotten
the taste of
my favorite food now
that i had back in my home
in the occasion of Eid.

I wake up too late today,
just like a normal day;
for I have no one here.

My mother is too far now
to put Hana in my hands
and iron my finest clothes
to wear in early morning
by giving me a warm kiss
on the forehead.

Now all I have to do is:
to struggle to remain alive,
I have only learnt to escape,
escape even from my pride,
I have only learnt to wander;
wander lonely across
these tall buildings
by putting my own fingers
in my own wounds.

Across these tall buildings,
yet, with no space for me;
and across these unfamiliar streets
where it’s too crowded with humans
yet, seem completely empty!

I feel, as if,
the entire world is empty;
empty from joy and happiness,
and you know?
freedom scares here.

I feel too lonely;
I am lost in
an unknown desert,
where I only count
every seconds now
to attend my funeral
on exile.

Because, they say,
“even I have no rights;
not even the right to hope,
the right to living too
now scares here.

In fact,
they have made me fear;
fear even from my own shadow;
I feel as if tomorrow
will be another black day
on my calendar;
filled with suffering
and miseries only.

I feel like,
another year awaits me,
and its full of shed tears
with more fallen dreams.

Smile has fled
from my face now,
and tears have replaced well.

as I sit to write now;
tears stream down
from across my cheeks,
and like an idiot,
I still pretend
to be happy.

As I stop and reflect back
in this scary silence
of uttermost loneliness;
I wonder,
am I really a human?
do I also like you
have certain rights
and freedom?
If yes,
then why are they absent?
and why have they taken them
away from me?

But you see,
I still move on;
I move on as long
as this wingless breathe
beats in my grieving chest;
and as long as,
this little remaining strength
in me left to assist me to run,
but I don’t know where to go
if I still run!

Please don’t forget
the desperate refugees
in your glad matins;
for we need your human love
more than your judgment;
and your divine compassion,
more than your majestic denial!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(13/06/2018 – 07:37 PM).

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When life’s pathways
are darkened
by darkness and gloom;
therein the flowers of hope
once you carefully cherished,
slowly begin to wilt
of their reviving bloom.

When your hopes
once with much joy
you nourished
begin to slowly die
but all you can do is:
to helplessly ‘bury them’
with your bare hands,
and then purposely
walk by.

Therein the gales of sorrow
with despair overtake you
for the rest of your life
by its heinous spell of
brooding grief;
life becomes only a burden –
everything becomes meaningless,
and even your shadow denies
to grant you a relief.

The bright dreams
for a peaceful future,
once armed you from fears,
will too slowly begin to vanish
in one isolated corner
of your perished heart.

And then,
all will remain with you
will be your gushing tears;
that will accompany you
throughout your life.

Each time you recall
your old friendly days,
tears will come,
streaming down
across your exhausted face;
and you will learn to fall asleep
with their dried marks,
left on your pale cheeks.

This is all,
what I do now;
perhaps, this all
a poor refugee
can do at the moment
as you see!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(05/06/2018 – 08:03 PM).

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She is a caressing soul,

and yet, she doesn’t know;

how beautiful she is

and how far she may go.

She is so brilliant,

she shines brighter

than any blushing star;

her heart is filed

with compassion

that fixed my decaying scar.

She is warm-hearted

with incomparable heart,

as if being sent

from the seventh skies;

she is simply an angle –

in human disguise.

This society is merciless

denying such a rare soul;

it drags her down

under its unkind feet,

but she is so unusual

that she never forgets

her own human rule.

She gives comfort

that nothing and

no one else can do;

alas, these greedy world

consistently tells her no.

She is a beautiful soul

you too must know;

though they brought her down

to her lowest of flow;

yet, she stands stronger

like a blushing star –

in a wondrous glow.

Though sometimes,

they hurt her

and make her

face alone the flaw;

yet, she gently smiles against

every burden –

just like the nightingales

that only in the darkness


She treats everyone equally,

with profound love

and compassion;

like the north zephyr

that shake

the mighty ocean.

By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(30/05/2018 – 10:50 PM).

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As these thoughts
of dark fate
with painful doom
begin to run across
my frightened veins;
therein I clearly see
before me appear
a dread image
of agony and death
hands in hands –
with heavy pains.

They slumber deep
within my worried nerves
with fear and horror;
full of angel-dreams
but with awakening terror.

I feel like,
I lost my senses
in the valley of
this wild confusing terror;
I feel,
a blazing flame
angrily hisses up around
my innocent heart
with unexplainable horror.

They seem of dread surprise
to find myself alone;
and then my piteous cry
for help from within
begin to groan.

could you clasp
these beginning hands,
and then for a while
gently tend
this frightened heart?
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(11/05/2018 – 9:00 PM).

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“I have left
my home to die,
they say,
even without daring
to say it loudly,
even for a while!

But I must confess that
the death’s arms seem
warmer than your
cold and stone hearts;
for I know it
by its smile!

Abdul Samad Haidari

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