Once again…..

the cold winter has arrived –

carried with it her fresh fragrance

from across those tall-mountains,

wrapped in the frozen petals of lilies,

yet she didn’t come.

The winter has gone-by,

the reviving Spring is here –

the aromatic flowers are back to live,

yet she didn’t come.

The Spring sung its farewell

and the rewarding Summer too;

the Autumn brought nothing,

but only the old memories of you.

And now…. of this long delay,

my eyes have gone hazy,

and my hair has turned white;

my vision sees nothing,

except the dark sight of night.


I still keep the windows open –

waiting for the clatter of your shoes

to brief my hearkening ears;

nothing do I hear or see,

except the cold hashing sound

of the yellowish petals of tree –

rushing at my door-steps,

like the tidal wave of sea.

Like an idiot,

I run towards the door,

nothing do I see or feel;

except the empty frosty air

that enters as healthy as tragedy

and fills my wondering home.

Only aloneness is there now

and your rich memories

are hanging in my mind;

the aloneness that embraced

my gushing tears

that turned me almost blind.



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The thunder strikes announced
her graceful arrival
with their elating rays of joys;
the praying rainbow scattered
its roaming feathers
before her steps to great her
with their colorful eyes.

The blushing sun withdrew
its gleams from the garden;
the merciful moon urged
the nightingales to recite
their finest melodic songs
from a distant land.

She is the messenger of angles
who has arrived from the heard of the sea;
she glides with the fresh morning breeze
that chants her heavenly visage
with firmament glee.

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They often ask how I fled and why did I flee.
For some of them, it’s a normal question, but for me it’s not less than going to a hell and then return with my whole body burnt and blood dropping from across my fingertips.
Sometimes, their questions are really tough – especially when their questions concern about my family and my life. It’s not that I don’t have any answer, but the truth is: I won’t be able to even sleep or eat properly afterwards. For each answer takes me back to a period that I don’t even wish to remember. For all I remember are: miseries, losses of lives, troubles, and bloodshed. I have nothing good to tell to make them laugh – perhaps I even haven’t experienced a normal life like them to tell how the rainbow colors subscribe my hopes to a new and colorful tomorrow. From within, I’m only a war-torn and stateless refugee without a homeland, as they gently recite with their friends.

Their questions are tougher than I can really swallow.
Every time they as a question, my heart from within starts beating faster…faster with fear and so many traumatic thoughts. Often I remain silent or smile back to hide my unseen tears from within when they ask, “Do you miss your family? How often do you visit them? How do you manage to live here?” I don’t know, how to make them understand of my feeling? I don’t know, how to make them understand that like them, I’m also a human with a feeling and sense.
Instead, I chose to remain silent for a while and put my head down to be able to hold my tears. I feel deprived, hurt and even humiliated sometimes. For what else do I have to tell them, except ‘how I buried my friends, relatives, and dearest ones.’ How should I make them understand that they stole my emotions, murdered my childhood dreams and left me abandoned with deep desolate sighs and lonely cries. How should I understand them of a wandering lifeless stranger who is often hated for his status. This is who I am, if I speak about myself. What else do you except from a silenced and caged man who is learnt to live in absolute obliviousness.

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I saw an usual beauty today
clothed in black and white;
her fairy eyes were shining
like the golden rays of light.

Her countenance
was so joyful and bright;
as if the graceful moon
was rising from her sight!

Her hair i watched
from a close distance
was blushing as of
a black diamond;
her wondrous eyes
were holding a vision
to the road of
angels’ Island!

She was simply beautiful
the way she talked back,
and the way she walked;
her voice had the finest rhyme
as of the early morning’s
soothing breeze.

Her lips were
like the strings of
an old Egyptian Oud;
when in silence
whispered words,
forming unheard melodies
of the poet’s trumpet-note.

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Hi guys, I have a new surprise for you all. Please don’t miss this festival. There will be a lot of interesting stories from us😊


Stay tuned.

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I’m like a splited,
and wilted branch of
a very big tree
that has completely
broken off of that tree.
Like a broken and fallen
branch of that big tree –
laying apart
under your goddess feet
that even the ground denies
to accept my weary existence.

It’s not that
I don’t feel the pain,
but the truth is;
I can’t scream it out loud
to tell you how painful it is,
when each time you put
your unkind feet
on my sliced throat.
I’m scared of you
to say it;
I’m scared that
you might vanish me,
and my entire household
from here and there!
@Abdul Samad Haidari

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the dusk sang its sad farewell song
to the retiring queen of the day;
the silent night roughly unlocked
its feathered wings
from behind the beclouded sky
to share my sorrows,
and cast them away.

The night fell is calm and still,
the nightingale’s tender songs
are high from every close hill.

I can feel every touch of
the whirling gentle winds
from across the neighboring river;
murmuring a soft appeasing song
to this lonely lover’s ear.

They sing highest notes of
lover’s dreams and desired sight;
they sing out of thick shades
and dews to drive away,
the lovers’ long silent night.

Their melodious notes speak of
every lovers’ aggrieved heart,
as if sung through the wanderlust
from the glorious heaven to earth;
their jubilant notes have soothing rhymes
that mend the lovers’ loneliest hearts.

As I lonely, sit confabulating
with this doomed starless sky;
I deeply sigh, bewildered
at my own broken soul
that still keeps your love so high
upon this lonely ailing wanderlust
where lovers’ sorrows live forever
and their raptures painfully die.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(03/10/2018 – 09:30 PM).

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Take me home,
where the dawn breaks
is full of wondrous dream;
where the sunsets are golden
and full of reviving gleam.
Take me home,
where its nights are full of
caressing gathering –
of ‘Chai and Cheleem’,
where hospitality
is a norm and dignity
and the guests are served
under the shimmering light of
the old lantern’s beam.
Take me home,
where its mountains
are tall and serene.
Take me home,
where its oaks are fresh
and forever green.
#Abdul Samad Haidari

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It’s a relieving evening;
calm and free.
The running times is quiet;
as quiet, as the soothing sea.

The majestic sun
also seems serene;
as it is gently waving
at the hillsides
with full tranquility;
as if the gentleness of heaven
broods over the firmament sea.

Beside my chamber,
I can already hear
the highest melodic notes –
by the arising nightingales;
as their mingled music
through the air vividly floats.

What a wonderful combination,
the nightingales’ songs
and my mid-evening vows
are creating
such a wonderful note
that seems to be sweet
in every bit of
whispered word!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(24/09/2018 – 05:53 PM).

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You never understand what freedom realy means until you are caged😐
You never understand how it feels to be prohibited from visiting your family until you are separated😒
You never understand what starvation means until you remain hungry.

Please be kind to those who are caged for no reasons;
To those, who are prevented from visiting their families;
To those, who don’t have enough to eat;
To those, who are hated by the entire world;
To those, who don’t even enjoy their basic human rights;
To those, who are repeatedly humiliated;
To those, whose dreams and hopes are persistently murdered – without concerning human rights and human values.

Please be kind to these least fortunate people.
It costs you nothing at all.
No body knows which one of us will tomorrow experience one of the following crises.

@Abdul Samad Haidari

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