I hold you dear


Being the blushing light that defeats the galling tide when you appear despair, I hold you dear. 

Being the frail flora – sprouting with aromatic aura, when you drop tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the sublime beauty of the day that dismantles all the dismal dreary, when you are caught by tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the pacifying zephyr that showers with felicity, when you come in tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the enchanting sky that lodges the flying stars, when you shed tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the soothing ocean that reeds for the peace of hearts,  when you wander in tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the mighty cloud that turns into a blissing rain –giving life to all breadings, when you fall in tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the seasonful meadow – giving zenith to the beauty of mountains and hillsides, when you scatter tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the dancing lilies – beautifying the bottomless valleys, when you blossom in tear, I hold you dear. 

Being the asterism  that radiates in explicit for the adamant of the universe, when you shine in tear, I hold you dear. 


By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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Love is sacred


Love is a sacred messenger, scatters with it the seasonless seeds  of sprouting flora that rocks with a serene existence upon every living heart. 

So noble and sublime it is that pacifies every decayed heart with the caressing and warmth resistance – dispenses with it the aura of felicity.

Holding with it, the majesty of the mighty sky, that sanctifies the entire planet  with one and equal pavilion, as it in bounty hastening to shine. 

Holding with it the divine supremacy to shun every disarray and bring comforts to the aggrieved and injured hearts with the craving peace and gratification.

Defeats it the desperation and poisonous greed, wherever it paces – pervading with it the cosmic peace and an immune existence with dignity to bread. 

Love is divine and the zenith of all vivid hearts – the supreme and the sacred zephyr –like the reed when the air streams over it, pleases you with an enchanting melody. 

Love is sacred and the fountain of life, lets grow with it higher – for it wistfully hastens you to live, laugh,  accept, celebrate and exalt to reflect in the same way unto all other existence. 


By: Abdul Samad Haidari 


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The infinite treasure of my heart 


The infinite treasure of my heart is your love can’t you perceive this sacred fervor – flying it so above! 

Neither can your knowledge reach the depth to measure the furious whims, nor can your reed stop the flow of an stream. 

Often have I found my soul, unfolding like a morning flower unto you, and often have I met it walking with exceeding tenderness to make a nest in this flow. 

Holding it a secret message to unveil, the willingness of a hastening heart that yields to your silence so hard. 

Please allow me to convey this holding, for it has moistened with its own sacred tears my longing heart in your pleading. 

I manage it well and keep it in high so that you shall feel the brunt of the bruising upon this saddened heart, in fly.

You should know that has it traveled may fars – seeking you with hours to reveal what it holds in, is very fair. 

However, you my fairy never you perceive this vivid reveal you always receive, yet has it broken all the silences to enclose your understanding with its all delicate essence. 

Often have I listened to the silent speaking of my heart, hastened it beckons to unveil this infinite depth that has long been it growing like a peaceful reed. 

Haven’t you often read the pale color of my face, with no reason has it fallen in aught – facing you not in the seeking hours of silent noon – hardly it ebbs while tumbling – falling apart. 

Have you not seen my wingless lips in silence they borrow my pacifying tongue to murmur your name that you say, “burdens it your heart”? 

No matter how tedious the flow is, but my love shall always stay immeasurable, even in the eve of all soaring currents but with a permanent cease. 

For what it holds for you is so dear, like a bottomless river – it is so boundless and so fair. 

Come on my beloved – look at my beclouded eyes, with your warmth touches – you shall feel me, with your sacred love, in adoration, you can still find ways to warmly heal me. ==============================

By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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A troubling night 

Oh the troubling night,
tarry no longer then this,
for the chaos you brought is suffocating
and my soul is too restless -confabulating
it with fatal pain –  please heal me with
your warmth and casting morning.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your shadow is heinous – inflicting me
with incurable whims and longings –
afraid am I to survive it until
the grandeur morning that is
waiting to encapsulate
my inexplicable suffering.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your light is faint and quivers it
in the fear of your dreary shadow
that makes me feeling like not
have the right to an existence.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your murky shadow enclouded
my eyes shedding boundless tears of unsird
– as it exceeded my enduring limit of human capacity.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your ominous shadow left me decayed
and casted away my smiles that were borrowed
after sailing many boundless hells and barbed-wired-fences.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your shivering shadow left me frostbitten
and muffles me in my vividness and squeezes
even my warmth whispers with a heavy intensity.

Tarry no longer then this,
for your shadow is too intense
and a downright silence that pesters me
a lot,
and you should perceive that the
aloneness in the midst of the night
itself is a disquietude.

Tarry no longer then this – the troubling night,
descend with pacification and let the majesty
of the morning cast me with warmth and,
shower me with molten passion for the
the night was unfriendly and caress my soul,
with its zephyr to make it so permeant and,
my face like peers – glowing so bright that
glitters with a shine to defeat the dark
and looming shadow of the unkind night.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Troubled Transit 

I was humbled and privileged to read a piece of my poems in a a book launching event of Troubled Transit – authored by German-Australian anthropology lecturer Antje Missbach at Monash University.
I shall also thank the Jakart Post for focusing on issues of refugees and asylum seekers who are considered to be the least fortunate people. Thanks Fajar Zakhri for sharing this piece with me.

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How naive is she!

Her naive eyes beckon the lifeless
to existence and her crimson lips
in silence recite the meaning of
an intoxicating resistance.

Her fairy face with aplomb entreats
the seasonless love for the zenith
of the hearts to be awaken.

Her bashfully sparkles, evoke a vibrant
breathe that beckons upon a delicate life,
for the boundless existence to hasten.

Her black gleaming hair shuffling scatters the unobtainable aromatic scent that can leave anyone oblivious by its resplendent.

Her exalting stature pacing conveys a
jocund pavilion over the wretched hearts
that have been left out decayed
for then too long.

Her ecstatic smiles with enchantment
craving for the ceaseless reasons to
cast away the sufferings and chaos
that have been caged for too long.

Her elegant voice is the zephyr that
defeats the best melodies of our age
and urges in abundant to fall upon
every heart with the sublime fascination.

Her aromatic aura scatters with it
the breathtaking aroma that all the
other bouquets of rosebuds envy
and dwindle out of a grudge.

Her talks are so soothing and lighthearted that reward a meaning to my existence and release the fatal sorrows that long for an exceeding cease.
Her being defines the immeasurable
flows of ecstasy and her love unveils
the sublime essence of beauty and vows
to heal the whims and cast away all the dreariness.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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In the Quest of your Uttermost 


In the quest of your uttermost, have I
vanquished all the disarrays and troubles.

I have sailed unto you in
the realm of infinite possibilities
to make this caravan of love
reach into a safe pavilion
that hastened with whims.

I have the decisive will to
discover the rest of my world
with you, by holding your hands.
Where even a commonplace appears to
be a dainty paradise and the
days reveal the boundless elegance of
untold affection, caged in my chest.

Can’t I wait any longer to
embrace one, I long for
to cherish the moment of togetherness,
and fall in love deeper and
deeper every time i sit with.

I can wait no any longer
to hold the hands, I have
been longing with urges to be
graced by and to hold them
with my warmth apparition every moment,
in disquiet you seek my arms
to enfold, and in agitation protect you.

I will always hold this journey
with you in high, and will
never hesitate to make a delicate
adventure out of it.

Filled with acoustic melodies that
are permeating our souls
to rise in love with naive existence
but with permanent resistance.

I shall promise to hold them
in adoration as of stardust pearls and
aromatic cloves, even in the midst
of all turbulences and looming gales.

I will always keep you enfolded
by the arms that promise an
ever lasting peace and fortification.

I will promise to cherish every
moment of togetherness and rise
in love with you,
for the rest of my life.

I shall nourish your soul with
an exceeding tenderness to get
deeply lost in the love I dedicate,
 and will always pervade its seeds
for an endless existence.
Would you grant me the love,
 I want to grow with?
Would you award me the heart,
I want to rise deeper in love with?
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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Can’t I depart her…


The heart was in a winding battle…..

beating was it like a shattering thunder…….
Quite perplexed was I, like a restless pond…….

crushing was my soul, pervading was it all over the pain…….
My heartbeat was writhing in thud …….

was it in raisin, like gnawing it falling in wretch……..
Fain, couldn’t I release the unrest crushing within..

she was beautiful, fair in her smiles and sweet in her laughter..
Her aura could dismantle the whole existence….

and her elegance would defeat the flocks of angels..
Couldn’t I forsake the gales of her existence…

for the moon of her countenance was the reason for my persistence….
The rendezvous was the best lodging to exchange our love….

couldn’t I hold my breath as I would hearken her murmurs….
I would always wait with whims and longing…..

smilies were glowing and enchanting was my heart with heady rumors….
Pains it now indeed, sprout tears remembering in aloneness….

being separated by fate or providence, I can’t tend my agitation….
Can’t I rest even for a while, has frostbitten

my tears – more lifeless am i……

its not the eyes that you see

but the heart that longs and bleeds

within every time she sails in reminiscence…



By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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How gloomy is the heart. 

The tide sailed in and took her away,
i searched many fars, through the horizon,
across the vales and hills but she has gone too far away – as spirit with no sign of goodbye – now in fain laying i too dismay.

The stillness loomed and danced in the breeze,
while my heart cried aloud within, unto her,
hardly does it still bleed, perhaps the pain
never seems seeking a flee.

Lonely wandered I as a broken cloud,
shed tears of unsired across the lake
and beneath the trees – bent i my head,
of one in those stood near, saw my tears –
falling upon my breasts.

Couldn’t I touch the bleeding drops of red,
the gales of pain and the wet wind in morn,
all I could do was tending my heart as in
silence was it hardly falling apart.

The silent is fatal and stillness lures me,
every time I find your chair sits empty,
I can hardly endure the exceeding agitation – looming upon my heart.

Your aura still flows in the air,
takes away my whole existence –
how do you ask me to forget you
for you are the bivouac of my love.

By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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The tell-tale of a heart. 

Let me confess you the beauty
my heart has just encountered
there sees it an idol beneath a veil
who by her illustrious qualities
robbed me with countless reasons,
prostrating has falling it down
before the moon of your countenance.
No matter how hardly you always
wretch me for I am seeking you,
yet in all gratitude, shall I always
sail many fars for the melodies,
I play every moment can only,
tell of you on my reed.

Fallen have I in love so deeply
that without you I feel entirely lost,
not less than a frozen and silent reed
that bears no melodies at all.

Seeing it not a day
the moon of your countenance
bear can’t I the agitation of heart in silence
the whims assail with the strength of the gales
bind up I my head – veiling myself in your longing
writhing in my own exceeding distress
when I don’t find your warmth arms.

In search of your love, I am left out slouched
the nights long and I stare at its mask of light
emptied of everything in tides – exceedingly
waiting for your grace to be awarded.

My eyes get steeped in urge craving
in rhythm and my heart weeps dry tears 
of the unsired, can’t I feel no healing
or an ease for even a while.
Please help with this gnawing flame,
burning within with great flamboyance,
for you are the only restful peace of mind
and the ultimate fulfillment of my heart.

By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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