All these endless hours of nostalgia
and all these devastating

hours of solitude.

All these sleepless nights
and all these restless moments
have all now chosen me
as their faithful companion.

Of their unkind friendships,
I often choose to walk alone.

Alone with the dark shadows
of the troubling nights
in these lonely streets.

I feel lost,
lost in these unfamiliar streets,
not knowing which direction
should I take that leads
to a safe destination.

All I see are,
the burying lamps,
desperately hanging across
these narrow streets
where all the paths
seem blurred.
Abdul Samad Haidari

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And now,
I have fallen in love
with sharp pains
and with the
gloomy shadow of
the unkind nights.

Waiting in an unknown shore,
begging for the mighty wind
to sail my broken boat
to a safe desert
or let it sink
in the heart of a troubling sea
where no one could find me,
no matter how hardly
do I plea.

Abdul Samad Haidari

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This one goes out to those so-called good humans who claim are humans enough – and who claim can understand enough.

tell me you, “the ones”
with no human conscience
how peacefully do you sleep
while millions of others
can’t sleep
because of starvation?

I hear the cheerful
tosses of your glasses
every night and smell
the the amount of food
you waste.

I still wonder,
are you humans enough
to genuinely percieve
how it really feels
to become one of them?
have you ever thought
about it?

Are you blind?
can’t you see them?
why do you keep closed
your human eyes?
If you are one?

How do you turn your face away
when you see them sleeping
with empty stomach
and pour unsired tears –
at the very same time
when you are wasting your food
and tossing glasses of beers?

I wonder,
are you humans enough,
collecting in the name of poors
and loading in your bank accounts
and then acting as if
you are their boss?

Are you still acting
to be the boss??

I still wonder,
what makes you
so confident to make
a false proclamation
for this divine status

I still have one more wonder,
how good are you
at deceiving people
with your empty promises?

The empty promises
to your human fellows
who with hope come to you
and seek your assistance
in the name of your own race
but you relieve them
with your ruthless lies
or unkind words of tries?

Tell me,
tell me,
where have you lost
your human conscience,
having no human values
nor human hearts,
neither human eyes?

Tell me,
how many days do you offer
in your Masjids?
or how many days in a week,
do you go to your Churches?

Tell me,
what do you promise there
with your Gods?

Tell me,
how do you feel
after you break
them one by one?

Now, it’s you
who should wonder
when you close your eyes
and carefully contemplate
what I daily wonder.

I am sure,
those of you
who are genuinely humans enough
shall feel good,
but those of you
who are not humans enough
will surely feel cursed.

Only those with human conscience
can have these feelings,
not everyone.

Abdul Samad Haidari

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Allow me to lift your veil
and circumambulate you
for I have sailed for you
many desperate miles
with mortal whims.

Allow me to lift your veil
and get lost in the stream
of your fairy eyes
of golden rims.

Allow me to lift your veil
and prove my talent too
in drawing the moon of your
wondrous countenance.

And then, I will hold
your portrait with me
and leave it above the sky
to prove their ignorance.
Abdul Samad Haidari

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Somewhere in some part of this huge universe; while I mourn over my ceaseless annihilation – at the very same time, I hear around 110 people have been killed in one single bomb last yesterday and around 200 others are cretically injured.

This is the story of yesterday only. There is almost no single day that ends without bomb blast and bloodshed. And the innocent people have to pay the price of the religious politics. And those cowards in power, silently watch it or condemn.

These unexplainable grief and miseries are caused by these brutal broodings who pass their stupid decree to say who are the good Muslims and who are not. And who are good humans and who are not. Forgetting their own dirty act of inhumanity.

I feel really cursed sharing my feeling of sorrow and extending my condolences to my friends and relatives. I wish I haven’t been born in a country called ‘Afghanistan’. I wish, I never knew a country which is worst than hell. A true hell where more than 500 people have been killed only in one week. Knowing for sure that I might have been one of victims today or the other day, If I was not here today.

But the amount of pain is still the same. Everyone losses his/her life is as painful as of losing my own life. For each one is like my eyes and shoulders. Losing an eye is like losing the vision. And losing a shoulder is like losing the strength to bread.

I’m feeling so sorry and saddened for the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attack. I feel really sorry for those families who have lost their loved ones.

May these brutal politicians also experience this bitter taste of pain and suffering.

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I dared to purely love you,
season after season.

But you never listened
to my longing heart
that loved you
for no lusty reason.

@Abdul Samad Haidari

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I wanted one best friend,
fearless to walk with me
till the end.

I wanted one best lover,
a true soulmate for now
and forever.

@Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Deep in my chest,
I endure a troubling grief.

A wretched troubling grief,
tuned by a sad tale
of sorrow to brief.

It’s out of delight and joy,
completely breached by
so many heinous troubles.

It bears no more hopes,
for its dreams and hops
where shattered long ago,
in spite of its endless struggles.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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I feel privileged to be a part of this anthology. Thank you very much Shivputra Kanade sir, Vincent Stead, DrBrajesh Kumar Gupta Mewadev ji, Feliz Ruiz, Uzo Nwamara, Thomas Peretu sir, Umar Yogiza Jr. and  Martin Ijir for providing this space to have my contribution in this inspiring anthology with other great poets.

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Do you know?
I still remain awake
till late hours at nights –
thinking about you
since you are gone.

And then,
I wake up in early mornings
to search your fairy face
in the blazing landscape of
the new dawn.

I have heard,
you too are restless,
and hardly grieving
these days.

Wandering all alone
by wiping your brinish tears,
in the silent moment of
speechless praise.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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