Terrorism is A Global Challenge

The deadly terrorist attack on the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo by two heavy armed masked men on Wednesday that left 12 people dead, raised serious questions among Muslim scholars from United States of America and elsewhere to the Middle East.
The arguments and condemnations come after the murderers were identified to be two brothers, aged 32, Said Kouachi and 34, Cherif Kouachi and the members of terrorist groups who are responsible for thousands of innocent lives in the Middle East. According to reports, these two brothers have been responsible for the mass murdering of 12 French journalists, following the Magazine’s long history of publishing controversial cartoons have died in a simultaneous operation in the French town where they had been surrounded by police inside a printing house after taking a hostage.
In response to such inhuman act of terror on Paris Office, several European and American Islamic organizations, as well as sheikhs and mosque leaders around the world have denounced the attacks, saying they do not represent the true teachings of Islam. Their evil acts of violence has nothing to do with Islam, rather than calling them else human beings who under the name of Islam try to instigate violence and create distance between Islamic and western societies. In this way, no one has the right to life or death over anyone. But these individuals were journalists and symbols of freedom of speech.
In the meantime, most prominent Islamic scholars and others have cited a renowned story about the life of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that features him getting ridiculed for his faith and not responding with violence. There is a very manifest example of Prophet (pbuh) who was assaulted by a woman and attacked with garbage when the prophet was walking in the streets every day. despite he could stand for justice against the woman’s humiliating behaviour, the prophet showed not a single aggressive reaction against her.
This shows how patient and peaceful the prophet was. When the day that the woman did not assault and attack the prophet, he felt that she might have been sick. He asked her if she was well because he had not been assaulted with filth. This is what we have been all taught about the patience of Islam toward anyone, entitled with any religious background or colour. Is this not the message of the founder of tolerance? What beautiful messages people miss when they blame that Islam instigates violence and terror in the world. Those movements killing individual have created their own religion and this is called “TERRORISM” with no link to any religion.
Those who carried out such brutal and intolerance act of terror against these individuals in the name of a passionate Prophet, have not only violated the Islamic principles but instigated violence and assaulted the freedom of the whole humanity. They upset you, they upset us and they upset the whole world.
Such brutal and inhuman act of terror must be condemned in the strongest possible manner and its mass murderers should be punished for their act of terror. Nothing can justify such an act, whatever the reasons and whoever the perpetrators. But we also have to understand the context as this brutal act of terror could cause dangerous reactions within Erupoin societies. By such an evil act of terror, all they did was trying to upset the peaceful relationships between the West and Middle East.
The response to such violent act of terror should be not only ended with a protest, condemnation and punishment of perpetrators. The Media groups from all nations must also consciously commit themselves to rejecting intimidation caused by the so-called terrorist networks or any other movement that seeks to upset the freedom of speech through violent acts of terror.
The attack rocked the Paris Office is all more condemnable and the perpetrators must be rooted out in their safe heavens. It may encourage a wave of terrorism that overwhelms the country and slowly the world at large and could instigate violence between Muslims and Erupoin nations. We, the writers, journalists and intellectuals call for resistance against terrorist networks and to promote freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all and step forward as a united global movements against these brutalities.
After years of fighting against such stalinism and a list of other isms, the world now faces a new global threat, that is TERRORISM. It is about time to initiate a reasonable debate on the war against terrorism, revived by the whole state nations, in the aftermath of the expansion of a new threat, the (ISIS). Their freedom of instigating violence, finding justifications for attacks on freedom, creating sectarian tensions and imposing their self-made Law and Sharia must be brought to the universal court of justice, before they bring us further destruction and devastation.
Now is the time, for the Muslim nations and the world at large to stand against this threat posed by the fundamentalist groups across the world. It is beyond our tolerance about how extremist ideologies seek to justify this complete disrespect for human life and for the values which ensure the freedom and welfare of all citizens. We need the continued cooperation and support of the public to meet this threat but all members of world policing will be even more determined to face up to that very threat being passed from such brutal extremist parties.
Given the facts, prominent Mullahs, Mufties and Shaikhs must take the initiative to eliminating these horrifying human killers in the name of Islam. They play most constructive role in this initiative than any political parties. When assaulting any religion in any manner is a sin and intolerable, then killing and destroying properties must be also stopped under any circumstances.
No religion advocates violence, and the right to become such horrifying representatives of Islam must be taken away from these else human beings. The real Jihad is not leaving innocent people in cold-blooded, perhaps it is to protect innocence from brutality and unjustifiable manners of killing. We would need a commanding religious authority to demonstrate accountability in the fight against terrorism, after all, leadership matters.
The front talks for extremist violence is too often here in the Middle East but the events in Paris show that this battlefield is actually a global one that the Islamic nations suffer greater than Erupoin nations and it needs a united global response.

About samad1986

Abdul Samad Haidari is a poet, writer, teacher and a former freelance journalist, currently residing in Indonesia as a stateless refugee. He is the author of The Red Ribbon He fled his home country at the age of seven and grew up wandering in Pakistan and Iran as a child refugee, and was separated from his family for the majority of his childhood. For two years, at the age of eight and nine, he was forced into child labour in the construction industry in Iran. In contrast, Pakistan offered refugees like him the opportunity to study and work. This education and work experience culminated in Abdul teaching computer studies and English language courses at the Intel Computer Center and Pak Oxford Professionals. After the collapse of the Taliban government, Abdul returned to Afghanistan thinking that the security situation had improved, and that he could take part in the reconstruction of his war-torn country. With this in mind, Abdul served as a freelance journalist and humanitarian aid-worker in areas of the country that remained dangerous to civilians because of the influence of terrorist groups. Abdul served with the Norwegian refugee council (NRC), ActionAid Afghanistan, Daily Outlook Afghanistan group of newspapers, and The Daily Afghanistan Express. As a freelance journalist, Abdul wrote articles and editorials about on-the-ground realities, which were then circulated widely. These had a particular focus on women and children’s rights, corruption, transparency and accountability in government, warlords and terrorist groups’ actions and the systematic persecution of minority groups in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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