The infinite treasure of my heart 


The infinite treasure of my heart is your love can’t you perceive this sacred fervor – flying it so above! 

Neither can your knowledge reach the depth to measure the furious whims, nor can your reed stop the flow of an stream. 

Often have I found my soul, unfolding like a morning flower unto you, and often have I met it walking with exceeding tenderness to make a nest in this flow. 

Holding it a secret message to unveil, the willingness of a hastening heart that yields to your silence so hard. 

Please allow me to convey this holding, for it has moistened with its own sacred tears my longing heart in your pleading. 

I manage it well and keep it in high so that you shall feel the brunt of the bruising upon this saddened heart, in fly.

You should know that has it traveled may fars – seeking you with hours to reveal what it holds in, is very fair. 

However, you my fairy never you perceive this vivid reveal you always receive, yet has it broken all the silences to enclose your understanding with its all delicate essence. 

Often have I listened to the silent speaking of my heart, hastened it beckons to unveil this infinite depth that has long been it growing like a peaceful reed. 

Haven’t you often read the pale color of my face, with no reason has it fallen in aught – facing you not in the seeking hours of silent noon – hardly it ebbs while tumbling – falling apart. 

Have you not seen my wingless lips in silence they borrow my pacifying tongue to murmur your name that you say, “burdens it your heart”? 

No matter how tedious the flow is, but my love shall always stay immeasurable, even in the eve of all soaring currents but with a permanent cease. 

For what it holds for you is so dear, like a bottomless river – it is so boundless and so fair. 

Come on my beloved – look at my beclouded eyes, with your warmth touches – you shall feel me, with your sacred love, in adoration, you can still find ways to warmly heal me. ==============================

By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

About samad1986

Abdul Samad Haidari is a poet, writer, teacher and a former freelance journalist, currently residing in Indonesia as a stateless refugee. He is the author of The Red Ribbon He fled his home country at the age of seven and grew up wandering in Pakistan and Iran as a child refugee, and was separated from his family for the majority of his childhood. For two years, at the age of eight and nine, he was forced into child labour in the construction industry in Iran. In contrast, Pakistan offered refugees like him the opportunity to study and work. This education and work experience culminated in Abdul teaching computer studies and English language courses at the Intel Computer Center and Pak Oxford Professionals. After the collapse of the Taliban government, Abdul returned to Afghanistan thinking that the security situation had improved, and that he could take part in the reconstruction of his war-torn country. With this in mind, Abdul served as a freelance journalist and humanitarian aid-worker in areas of the country that remained dangerous to civilians because of the influence of terrorist groups. Abdul served with the Norwegian refugee council (NRC), ActionAid Afghanistan, Daily Outlook Afghanistan group of newspapers, and The Daily Afghanistan Express. As a freelance journalist, Abdul wrote articles and editorials about on-the-ground realities, which were then circulated widely. These had a particular focus on women and children’s rights, corruption, transparency and accountability in government, warlords and terrorist groups’ actions and the systematic persecution of minority groups in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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