Out of innocence;
his little sunken eyes
twinkled like little stars,
he is a 9-years-old afghan refugee
with many deep scars.

He escaped fear of cleansing
and persistent war,
and sought refuge in here
by sailing many life-taking far,
yet not sure to be able to give
the life another try!

Peaceful streets are
his protecting shelters,
wearing torn rags
collecting from garbage-bins
and sleeping on a piece of mat
with no protectors!

When the weather turns cold
with heavy rain,
he shivers out of coldness
by folding his little arms
around his skeleton body
to remain dry and a bit warm!

He eats well;
by collecting from garbage-bins,
and people are kind,
sometimes also give him
their remaining and wasted foods
when they are full!
Full version of this poem not shared!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari


About samad1986

Abdul Samad Haidari is an Afghan former freelance journalist and a poet. He served as a journalist in Daily Outlook Afghanistan Group of Newspapers – writer in Daily Afghanistan Express – English Language Trainer in Norwegian Refugee Council and as a Child Sponsorship/Communication Officer in ActionAid Afghanistan. Currently he writes poems on human sufferings - including fiction poems and performs in academic events to raise awareness for a noble cause.
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