Like the blushing sun
she strolled in my sight,
I felt as if I was watching
the sun kneeling down
before this fairy,
with a sovereign delight!

In oblivious I wondered,
am I watching the brightness of the sun? as the lights were sparking
through her lining skin,
as if being so carefully placed
in the heart of heaven,
like seraph to fortify the sun
in its daily run!

I saw both the moon and the sun
were bowing before her visage
as if they were her slaves –
like them, I also with honor
begun to behave!

Her sacred luminosity is so naive,
that mighty light of the sun
and moon can hardly save!

Words fall abashed
before her beauty to praise,
thoughts remain swoon
to define her perfection;
lips fall frozen
while my eyes gaze at her hue,
and my heart wants to fly
while beholding her hazel eyes in glow!

Such a beauty is worth braving
any kind of danger;
wistfully do I dedicate this life
to crown this fairy
and endearing stranger! =====================
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 


About samad1986

Abdul Samad Haidari is an Afghan former freelance journalist and a poet. He served as a journalist in Daily Outlook Afghanistan Group of Newspapers – writer in Daily Afghanistan Express – English Language Trainer in Norwegian Refugee Council and as a Child Sponsorship/Communication Officer in ActionAid Afghanistan. Currently he writes poems on human sufferings - including fiction poems and performs in academic events to raise awareness for a noble cause.
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