In your thoughts;
the days ineffably fly in rumors,
my hands are raised towards the sky, begging you with fervent prayers!

The nights are gone with wakefulness,
and i sit on the roof in confabulation
with the ray of the firmament moon,
I ask, I beg, and I start to bewail –
of exhaustion, I often fall in swoon!

I remain silent and faint,
like a decayed carcass,
there is no word to utter
but the looming silence.
The feeling of longing blocks
the communication between
my nerves and my muscles
with a persistent violence!

The night restlessly longs
with stillness,
and of your yearning thoughts,
I feel lost, contemplating
what I wished never spoken,
the dream to hold
your hands in mine –
how hardly has it broken!
****Full Version is not shared****
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 


About samad1986

Abdul Samad Haidari is an Afghan former freelance journalist and a poet. He served as a journalist in Daily Outlook Afghanistan Group of Newspapers – writer in Daily Afghanistan Express – English Language Trainer in Norwegian Refugee Council and as a Child Sponsorship/Communication Officer in ActionAid Afghanistan. Currently he writes poems on human sufferings - including fiction poems and performs in academic events to raise awareness for a noble cause.
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