An Angel in Tear

As i walked among the crowd,

I saw a bleeding angel in tear

holding her father’s picture and 

asking anyone she meets in wander 

“Did you see a man like him in fear.”

#Abdul Samad Haidari

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Another Blast Killed 38 and Wounded 73

Hours ago three other bomb explosions rocked #Kabul in which 38 killed and more than 73 others are injured.

There are no words to express the feeling of miseries, pain and dreary that the people are going through. The whole country is hardly grieving over the dead bodies of their loved ones caused by persistent carnage that takes place one after another.

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I write this poem about a deadly bomb blast in which about 100 people have been killed and more than 300 people were critically wounded.
I bleed and I hardly bleed
for my country in fire,
where cowards daily kill
by bomb last and gunfire.

Today my beloved homeland
hardly bleeds,
my heart silently cries
for its bleeding streets.

Blood is streaming
across its streets and homes,
scattered with fleshes of humans
and broken bones.

The dead bodies are everywhere
steeped in blood,
most of them are children
and women fallen in wrath.

Some are holding in blood
their amputated hands
while others are stumbling
in flame as the fire burns.

Some have fallen down
lay dead hardly bleeding,
others are screaming in pain
as long as they are breathing.

Some are screaming and rolling
as the explosion breaks,
others writhe roasting in its fire
and flame like steaks.

Children are steeped in blood
screaming for rescue aloud
mothers are wounded –
rolling and groaning on the
dead bodies of their beloved.

Some are adults and youngsters
recently engaged,
and others are fathers and mothers tonight to be engraved.

All of them were steeped
 in cold blood by those devils
solely belonged to our human race,
this is what I have closely seen myself
on their innocent faces.

Some are killed by terrorists
and devils in their homes,
while others flee them in search of safety seasonally die in the heart of bottomless jungles and horrifying seas.

Its my beloved country
today under a life taking fire,
I bleed while sitting to write
about its daily miseries
and losses of lives
that makes me beg for a permanent
and peaceful ceasefire.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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A Deadly Explosion Rocked Kabul 

Earlier this morning, around 8:25am a heavy bomb explosion occurred close to the Zanbaq area in Kabul City – a highly diplomatic zone inside the city. 

This explosion has taken place close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roshan Company, Embassy of Iran, German Embassy, U.K. Embassy and Embassy of Japan to Kabul. 

The explosion is said to be so strong that buildings nearby have been hugely damaged while left more than 60 civilains critically injured or killed. The death toll is reported to increases yet further.

According to further updates, the suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives in the area.

No other extremist groups including the Taliban insurgents has so far claimed responsibility behind this deadly incident.

I extend my deepest prayers to the families of victims and those of critically wounded. And also praying for the safety of my friends, families and colleagues. Stay safe and take good care. 

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My beloved is a fairy angel
                      so proud –

     her cosmic countenance is rara
      among all other houri crowd❤

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With each heartbeat within
does it define a decent love,
it is my entity with its beating
explains for you it’s have.

With my pure love,
I shall turn your world
into a peaceful heaven,
it’s you my beloved that
my heart begins to enliven.

With my unconditional love,
I shall make you find yourself,
and help you become my vision
in the dark with your apparition.

With my true relationship,
I shall help you enjoy
your true existence,
its only you – my being
longs for your coexistence.

With my tender touches,
i shall seek to define
the true meaning of eternity,
it’s you my beloved,
I have fallen in love with –
and willing to grow rich
in your naive dainty!

I promise to forego my last breathe
for the sake of your endless happiness,
and ready to scatter my whole being
before your steps, for the sake of
your yearning togetherness!

Stay do I wistfully entreat
before your naive sublimity
to grace me your fairy hands,
so that to feed your innocent love
for the rest of my life with no ends!
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I sought your mercy in the name of humanity
to grant me your humanitarian felicity.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I put my own fingers in my bleeding scars
while running the bullets for my life in your arms.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I thought the children of god would be rich in protection
knowing not that their hearts are filled with hesitation.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I thought I could be at peace from those brutes,
Knowing not that here, I will face more cruelties.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I didn’t have seizure and loss of muscle contractions,
I didn’t know people in here would impose on me
this painful illness or put me in this fearful situation.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I pleaded for a safe home with equation,
not a prison which is called “detention”.

When i escaped fear of death and persecution,
I thought my sore wounds be healed and mended
but not by your oppression and mass annihilation.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I only asked for your love and compassion,
not passing your bail for trail and insulation.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I run unto you by wandering millions of fars
to appeal for a safe and peaceful destination.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
i run to forego my last breathe for your elation
not for your imprisonment in Manus Detention.

When I escaped fear of death and persecution,
I pleaded for your humanly treatment,
not your torture and persistent isolation.

Look at me only in the eyes of a human being,
when I stand revealed before you as one being,
pleading for your mercy in the spirit of human love
no more torture can I endure than this,
please grant me your compassionate mercy
in the name of your own race, I beg for your pity.

Grant me another chance to taste a one more life,
and enjoy a dignified life just as of you in your human hive.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari 

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The eyes that behold her visage 

Often do I fall into oblivion,
when my beloved appears
in her fairy beauty so radiant.

Her tantalizing beauty is so divine
no words can explain her beauty
and no eyes can define her serenity
 with prayers I always confront her beauty.

When gazing from a near distance,
defeats she the most blushing eyes
and the sunshine itself kneels down
before her steps to be graced
by her glowing countenance.

Her beauty is the hearsay of the town,
no one else can trim to defeat her visage
even the flocks of angels themselves
from above appear to be gazing at her.

When she falls in stillness along with me,
her beauty intoxicates my entire being
and her aromatic aura graces me
with a fresh and enlivened feeling.

Neither her seeker am I alone
nor is the town the only caravan,
the whole beings are in battle within
with longing seeking her to crown.

These words do I utter on her beauty
are all mine may seem an exaggeration,
yet the majestic sun itself glistens at her
with heavenly glow and wistful intuition.

The rainbow arches above after a heavy race,
the clouds displaying her enchanting visage after every rain in every weather with no cease.

My beloved’s beauteous countenance is so alive,
enlivens she every soul – seeking her in this hive.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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The tell-tale of a refugee 

My mother – my beloved mother,
my hands shiver out of wretched fear,
and tears fall with groans, they pine
as I dare to take your name and
push my broken pen in your name.

The world you gave me was quite different
than the world now I face with the people who humanly take care of me, my mother. 

But they are not like you mom,
they talk to me in a very harsh way
and often shout at me when I miss
the que for a small pack of boiled rice
with a boiled piece of chicken, they give.

When i get too hungry,
my phraseless hands begin shivering harder
and my heart begins beating quit faster
than usual mom,
yet I can’t get a piece of boiled chicken
or some rice, while hardly starving.

They never perceive the storm caught within,
they always ignore my feeling as a human,
and often impose very difficult roles on me,
when I ask a cellphone to talk to you mom.

I sleep on small hard piece of mat
they provided,
often do I wake up at midnights
when the pain is too fatal,
while the coldness and humidity
sometimes make it harder
to even take a breath.

My smiles are gone now
and pain replaced well,
piece of boiled rice
with a boiled chicken leg
enable to survive by passing a humiliating cell.

I squat weeping,
while taking your name mom,
standing thin legged, 
like a carcass in nostalgia,
and small bodied hands
to my mouth in prayer,
five months with little food,
since I am settled.

Here is not enough vegetable
to eat well mom,
boiled rice is small
that lasts few days eat to calm,
only eating to remain alive,
and starving days in row
and often vomit my next food
for I have to eat slow.

Often do I get sick,
and never sleep well in nostalgia, 
feeling lost and so disappointed
with this disorder that the world’s
most generous fellows imposed on me
to live like a hell, with no feeling to heal.

You are so kind my caressing mom,
my whole being longs for your arms
and my heart with whims beats so fast
to be enfolded in your reverend arms
which are my radiant mansion.

I miss your kindness
and fortified pacification,
my beloved mom –
wherein your fairy visage would protect me of burning sun – therein you pace,
i shall put the dust of your footsteps
in my eyes, in your noble recitation of reflection mom.

But you don’t have to worry,
I will hold my writhed breath tight
until I meet you with no more tide.
Your son forever,
Abdul Samad Haidari 

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Rest in peace – the voice my of god 

Rest in peace – the voice my of god

As I sat to write –
my tears fall like a bruising rain –
racing it from my grieving cheeks
in wretch, with a shattering pain,
I can hardly breathe .

So helpless to convince my bleeding heart
that I wouldn’t hear your angelic calls
of “Kaka Jan” any more –
breaking me it into thousands of devastating pieces in sore.

You were so little since I watched you growing up,
with your little angelic smiles would make feel so rich –
not giving me even a minute to feel alone
and this wretched.

I have seen you growing day by day,
from boundless cries to endless laughter,
from curling movements to glowing Missy,
and from innocent questions
to angelic reactions.

I watched you learning new things,
from the little talks to little walks,
from little reflection to slowly perfection
and from small kisses you would grace us – to warmth hugs you would give.

Your small and sweet angelic talk
was not less than the voice of god
to be spoken through you –
pleading were you to pacify my heart,
knowing my loneliness well
in this desperate state of separation
which is now
 I know to be even harder in your gone.

You were the pavilion of our love
and hope in the whole family,
as you like an angel would to bring
the boundless smiles on our faces
with your little angelic acts
in the threshold of your childhood.

As you depart,
I shall save your memories near me,
carefully wraping them in the pouch of my love, my little angel –
from the day you came to our lives
 like the crescent of the festival –
up to the moment you flied so high
into the skies from us.

Your gone has broken us into thousands
of bleeding pieces,
and me more than your own father and mother,
for i couldn’t even give you a hug
even in your gone, my beloved –
the hands that beged moments
to hold your little naive hands,
couldn’t reach you to say a goodbye.

The circumstances left me too far
and helpless that I couldn’t even give you a goodbye kiss
for the last time to make sure
I had your last look with me
just for the pacification of my boundless tears and bleeding heart
that wants to fly unto you with whims. 
With boundless hugs
and longing kisses, 
Your uncle forever,
Abdul Samad Haidari

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