Merry Christmas 

Almost, at the end of an other promising beginning!

It was a great evening – being surrounded by so many inspiring and energetic poets whose poems still echo in my ears.

I hope this Christmas (2017) Mark the beginning of an other happy and healthy year ahead of us all. May the year (2018) be filled with many good promises and cross our ways with wondrous surprises!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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With deep sigh in confabulation,
I look up at the sleeping sky,
and it too seems grieving
over the victims of
a kind of brooding rage.

I wonder, it’s the eve of December,
the Birthday of the loving song of God
when everyone is supposed to be together,
together with their loved ones,
not like us isolated or kept in cage.

I hear the beloved Jesus also cries,
he cries aloud over the miserable
condition of those helpless ones,
who are brutally annihilated.

I saw him returned disappointed,
with tears in his beloved yes
while watching his fellow beings
are hardly punished
and his teaching of mercy
is badly violated. 

If you are not free,
the entire world is
just like a suffocating
and a poisonous iron cage.

The hope dies
and wishes disappear,
the wings slowly droop,
ah! let me sing
this isolated song of sorrow
for nothing else can assuage.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(23/12/2017 – 10:00 PM).

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She is an unusual angel
from her eyes a shooting light
blushingly takes flight.

I swear, I have never seen
such an unusual being
who carries in her eyes
the mighty sun
both sight by sight.

By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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For too long
I know now,
we are both
secretly in love.

This is only
we know,
and the one
from above.

#Abdul Samad Haidari

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Striving for a mythical land
to call it home and feel at least safe, has caged us beside these troubling seas.

And chasing this mysterious dream
to be granted by some mighty hearts,
has brought us all on our faint knees.

Those who have dared
to chase their lucks
by wrecked ships to reach
these so-called safe lands
through these tidal seas,
were found faced-down
lying on saline sands.

Their dead bodies were lying
without shrouds for days,
yet nobody regretted or dared
to take the humanly stands.

People on the other safe sights
I heard did watch them drowning
with their children and families,
with chains in their hands and legs.

Yet, they arrogantly laughed
at their miseries and sufferings
and wished to watch more;
as much as they
helplessly begged.

Shipwrecks of broken dreams
and shattered hopes
with heartbreaking tales,
often remained
unheard and untold.

Instead, they annihilated us all
from our families and parents
and fastened their chains
and put their thick knives
on our throats to torture us
for the crime
that we have never committed.

I see them often laughing at us
caught by storm in the heart of
a tidal sea.

Where, even the tidal water
groans on our sufferings,
but alsas, you ignore to see.

This is all we deserve,
I heard from them myself
“to be annihilated and if needed,
even to be put in grave too.”

I wish you could be human enough to percieve our sufferings and groans, and at least don’t arrogantly judge us if you can’t walk in our broken shoe.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(05/12/2017 – 8:35 PM).

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Look how starless
is tonight the mighty sky.

There is no light after you are gone,
except the looming darkness
that with me stands by.

Look how hardly do I writhe
in your absence.

There is no peace in my chest,
but only your thought
that in me still resides.

My heart is filled with mortal pain
I just very loudly unto you want to cry.

There is no peace in me as you see,
I don’t know till when in your thought like a baby I should cry.

I still sit to laugh at those long night talks that once we had together.

At that unconditional love,
I gave you still revives in my chest
like the north zephyr.

I still sit until late hours in your confabulation by holding tight
my heart that you have broken.

I cry unsired tears while remembering those kind words
once with me, you have spoken.

I have to tell you that
your love was really gracious.

This is what I have felt myself,
that your love was true and precious.

Now, all I remember
is your last unkind smiles
and your heartbreaking words of resentments that you have told me
when you said goodbye.

But you see,
my lips still recite your name
every time your images
in my head fly

My dearest old friend,
do remember your old friend sometimes,
and remember me when
the Spring season comes by.

I promise to love you
just like those old times
and always keep you in my bead prayers,
like I did in those old caring days
that so quickly went by.
By: Abdul Samad Haidari
(28/11/2017 – 9:00 PM).

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Some times,
I really long to fall into
your peaceful arms.

I want to re-feel
the real peace of mind –
I am very curious to re-feel
the appeasement of a true “heaven”.

It has been long enough
being apart from that
peacful heart of the real paradise

Nothing would be more comforting
rather than taking my last breath
in your peaceful arms

By: Abdul Samad Haidari
Indoneisa, 21/10/2017 – 10:47 pm.

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I am too afflicted of inhumanity
and left abandoned in this unknown desert,
come hither and do little love me.

I am like a broken boat
in this troubling ocean,
come hither and fix me.

Without deep agitation
from this abandoned love,
do i own nothing more,
come hither with your
warm embracement
do for a while heal me.

My beloved,
Without your love in my ardent chest
no other love has ever existed before
so come hither again to your love –
and with your warm touch feel me!

By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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Do I deserve to be free?

So exhausted and dismayed am I, Beseaching before the might hands,

With broken heart, wilted face, frozen tears, and chained legs.

To grand me my striven freedom, My sole rights and entire being.

I would like to be free, Free like the unrestricted birds, Free like the soothing ocean, And free like the north zephyr.

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============================ The feeling of loneliness

breached me,

as being besieged

by nostalgia this day.

I am assailed by whims

to fly back into my mother’s serene arms,

I hide the wounds in my heart

as I remain wingless!

All the struggle I make

ends in tears,

my wings are burnt,

my feet are chained

and my freedom is abandoned.

As if a thorn is pulled out

of my chest,

brinish tears spill

from my sunken eyes

with no rest.

The blaze sorely burns

deep inside,

I put my hands

on my wounded chest,

pretending to ease,

but the flame seeks no cease! =========================== By: Abdul Samad Haidari

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